At Lifeworks Studios we showcase life at its best- in its truest forms- in its most vibrant colors! The warmth of love flowing between two people cannot only become an inspiration for many like me to believe in its beauty and replicate it but change the perspective of looking at world all together. Lifeworks studios is my earnest effort to present people the memento of their being- their wonderful relationships and encourage them to preserve it.

We love working with the couple and enter their shoes to see the happiness and excitement in their weddings-family, friends, ceremonies, decor, music and food become important to these candid snippets as marriage is more than two people falling in love with each other in our country. The innocence of these moments that get missed in the frenzy of thousand events on your big day can be saved and come out in the most emotionally powerful and expressive ways through my photographs. We allow ourselves to travel as much as we can and imbibe the energy and creativity of capturing events in diverse fashion.


About Ishan Saxena


I began my career as a photographer experimenting with many themes and patterns, fluid and alive-capturing simple beautiful things around us that many a times people take for granted. While my voyage to explore myself through my art is still moving ahead, I have developed an unexplained affinity for capturing people in love- their real bond through photographs. These photographs are a medium for me to tell a million stories without a word and let the poetry of the couple’s chemistry come out aloud-in the ways most true to their stories. I believe romantic expression through photographs should not be a counterfeit of images we are already overburdened with- instead it should instigate one to create new stories and give the respect these love stories deserve.

For me and my team, every wedding is different and should be given enough time, love and commitment that their existence is marked in a unique and creatively satisfying fashion. Wedding photography lets me explore small beautiful laughs and fears in these relationships and create something original- something that would bring smiles and cold shivers even after years pass by.

So let’s get together over coffee or meet up at one of the local wineries. I can’t wait to hear all about your wedding plans and ideas, it’s going to be a fabulous event, I just know it!

Talk to you soon,

Ishan Saxena


Photo of me was taken by my friend, Jagjeet Singh. You can get in touch with me at