9 days Itinerary in Sri lanka - An indian travellers tip

Travel Itinerary : Sri Lanka on your own.

(Offbeat) Travel to Sri Lanka : 9 Days Itinerary for Your Perfect Vacation

Sri Lanka, which is also known as Ceylon, is a country in the southern part of Asia. If you are visiting the country for the first time, you will be left mesmerised. You will find interactive & nature-friendly people with happy faces willing to be of help, huge wildlife presence, colorful culture on display and if it isn’t your first time, you will second this.
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50th Golden Jubilee Anniversary

Organised by the children and grandchildren of the family for the Golden Jubilee Anniversary of their parents and grandparents respectively, this two-day event is, by far, the most fun and surprising event we have shot. We really consider myself lucky to have shot this event! 
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