Pre Wedding Shoot at Diwali Carnival

Sonali & Swapnal \\ Pre Wedding Shoot at Diwali Carnival

An idea that was trotting in my head for a very long time.. I had a few clients whom we were supposed to shoot before their wedding but couldn’t do so because of time constraints. I approached my very close friend who is about to get married to the love her life. I have to admit that the love between the two of them is fierce and unstoppable, you will agree with me after viewing the gallery.

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9 days Itinerary in Sri lanka - An indian travellers tip

Travel Itinerary : Sri Lanka on your own.

(Offbeat) Travel to Sri Lanka : 9 Days Itinerary for Your Perfect Vacation

Sri Lanka, which is also known as Ceylon, is a country in the southern part of Asia. If you are visiting the country for the first time, you will be left mesmerised. You will find interactive & nature-friendly people with happy faces willing to be of help, huge wildlife presence, colorful culture on display and if it isn’t your first time, you will second this.
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Wedding cover photo - indian destination wedding in phuket

Aastha & Hitesh // Indian Destination Wedding in Phuket, Thailand

Aastha & Hitesh // The great big fat Indian destination wedding in Phuket, Thailand.

The journey to wedded bliss for Aastha and Hitesh started off with extravagance and indulgence, so it is no surprise their Indian Destination Wedding in Phuket, Thailand was the same. From ceremonies by the pool and beachside wedding events like a private beach party at Phi Phi Islands to singers like Ask King and Badshah, everything about this wedding was truly extravagant.

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wedding at ITC Grand Bharat Delhi Gurgaon

Surprise 50th Golden Jubilee Anniversary

Organised by the children and grandchildren of the family for the Golden Jubilee Anniversary of their parents and grandparents respectively in Delhi, this two-day event is, by far, the most fun and surprising event we have shot. We really consider ourselves lucky to have shot this event! Here are some best moments from the beautiful event…
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Hindu-German Wedding in delhi

Vishakha & Frank

Review from the couple:
“Team Lifeworks.. I can’t thank you enough for the photos… Frank and I are speechless!! We are in awe! And so are our families! They are astounded by your work! We are so lucky to have stumbled upon you, you are the ultimate!! Thank you so much again!”
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