We believe that pre-wedding photography is an inseparable part of wedding photography. Pre- wedding photography comprises of photographs that can tell your own beautiful love story in the most appropriate and beautiful way. Pre-Wedding Photography in India and elsewhere is all about photos that can make you smile, laugh, scream and jump with joy. For all of us at Lifeworks Studios, pre-wedding photography is as important as wedding photography.

Pre-wedding photography, also known as engagement photo shoot, allows beautiful couples to get pictures of their choice clicked. In this well organised format of photography, lovely couples are set free to interact and communicate with each other so that great moments can be captured. Engagement sessions in Delhi are carried out in aesthetically pleasing locations such as Lodhi Garden and Hauz Khaz Village. Pre-wedding photography is done at a location of couple’s choice. The bride and groom to be may also choose or come up with a storyline or a pattern for their engagement session. Once everything is discussed and decided, the couple is taken to the location of their choice where the wedding photographer captures the couple’s lovely moments and natural expressions through the day. Our wedding photographers produce exclusive masterpieces that are beautiful enough to sweep of your feet.

Over so many years of hard work and excellence, all of us at Lifeworks Studios have been able to provide all our clients with finest pre-wedding photography services. If you wish to transform the best of your pre-wedding and wedding moments into an amorous saga, you have landed at the right place. We are here to serve you with exquisite services and innovative ideas to make your engagement session heavenly and build memorabilia that you will treasure for a lifetime!

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