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Priyanka & Lakshman – Temple Wedding

Firstly, I would like to say that being invited by a great photographer & cinematographer to shoot his big day was a wonderful and honourable feeling altogether.

We believe that the wedding season brings along with itself a season of festivity, a season of union of two families and a season of fun for all. The beautiful couple, Priyanka and Lakshman plucked up the courage to unite two different cultures by turning their love into the beautiful bond called ‘marriage’, last month. The celebrations started with fun and enthralling Mehendi & Cocktail night. There was nothing but love, smiles, laughs, and some crazy drunken dancing, all of which lasted till 1 in the morning. This was followed by an early morning temple wedding ceremony which was held in a peaceful and spiritual Temple at Defence Colony, Delhi. The ceremony was simple yet beautiful. The magical Mandap, bride’s gorgeous Red and Golden wedding saree, amazing blooms and incredible details, everything was just magic upon magic. Umm… there’s more to their wedding than meets the eye. I hope their stunning wedding photos will get you excited!!

Mehendi Night

Wedding Photography India

Wedding Photography India Priyanka&Lakshman_Mehendi_0003 Priyanka&Lakshman_Mehendi_0005 Priyanka&Lakshman_Mehendi_0006 Priyanka&Lakshman_Mehendi_0007 Priyanka&Lakshman_Mehendi_0008 Priyanka&Lakshman_Mehendi_0009 Priyanka&Lakshman_Mehendi_0010 Priyanka&Lakshman_Mehendi_0011 Priyanka&Lakshman_Mehendi_0012 Priyanka&Lakshman_Mehendi_0013 Priyanka&Lakshman_Mehendi_0015 Priyanka&Lakshman_Mehendi_0016 Priyanka&Lakshman_Mehendi_0017 Priyanka&Lakshman_Mehendi_0018 Priyanka&Lakshman_Mehendi_0019 Priyanka&Lakshman_Mehendi_0020 Priyanka&Lakshman_Mehendi_0021 Priyanka&Lakshman_Mehendi_0022 Priyanka&Lakshman_Mehendi_0023 Priyanka&Lakshman_Mehendi_0024


Temple Wedding

Priyanka&Lakshman_TempleWedding_0025 Priyanka&Lakshman_TempleWedding_0026 Priyanka&Lakshman_TempleWedding_0027 Priyanka&Lakshman_TempleWedding_0028 Priyanka&Lakshman_TempleWedding_0029 Priyanka&Lakshman_TempleWedding_0030 Priyanka&Lakshman_TempleWedding_0031 Priyanka&Lakshman_TempleWedding_0032 Priyanka&Lakshman_TempleWedding_0033 Priyanka&Lakshman_TempleWedding_0034 Priyanka&Lakshman_TempleWedding_0035 Priyanka&Lakshman_TempleWedding_0036 Priyanka&Lakshman_TempleWedding_0037 Priyanka&Lakshman_TempleWedding_0038 Priyanka&Lakshman_TempleWedding_0039 Priyanka&Lakshman_TempleWedding_0040 Priyanka&Lakshman_TempleWedding_0041 Priyanka&Lakshman_TempleWedding_0042 Priyanka&Lakshman_TempleWedding_0043 Priyanka&Lakshman_TempleWedding_0044 Priyanka&Lakshman_TempleWedding_0045 Priyanka&Lakshman_TempleWedding_0046 Priyanka&Lakshman_TempleWedding_0047
Priyanka&Lakshman_TempleWedding_0048 Priyanka&Lakshman_TempleWedding_0049 Priyanka&Lakshman_TempleWedding_0050 Priyanka&Lakshman_TempleWedding_0051 Priyanka&Lakshman_TempleWedding_0052 Priyanka&Lakshman_TempleWedding_0053 Priyanka&Lakshman_TempleWedding_0054 Priyanka&Lakshman_TempleWedding_0055 Priyanka&Lakshman_TempleWedding_0056

Since both of them belonged to different cultures, the duo decided to have two ceremonies. Adding to the excitement, a day after the Temple wedding ceremony, Priyanka and Lakshman also had a lovely Church Wedding followed by  their reception next day.

Priyanka and Lakshman, we are so happy for you. Congratulations & a big hug again to both of you!

Venue – Mehendi at Mayur Vihar, Delhi.
            Wedding at Arya Samaj Temple, Delhi.
Written by – therandomhead.