Narrating experiences of marriage is more than pictures of major events and people- it’s storytelling art that allows you to feel the impulse all over again. Lifeworks studio exquisitely crafts these stories into films that steals moments of love, fun, compassion and zest from the ceremony and net them together to create a visual treat for you. With candid moments and multiple narratives coming out alive, it allows the couple to capture the moment and be in the limelight of the affairs. Music, setting, décor and a powerful love story- this can be your chance of making a blockbuster hit that will never leave the theatres of your memory lane.
Stories of your journeys of getting together, falling in love and anxiety of the future together makes the film a treasure and packs up all the action alive. With a team of creative production and editors, we try to give a unique majestic texture to these movies that will be more than narration- it will be pure magic!
Love and hugs from Lifeworks Studios Team.

Happiness // Priyanka & Rohan //
Goa, India.

Vishakha & Frank’s Wedding in Stop Motion /// New Delhi, India

Nachde ne saare – Lip Dub // Shreya & Tarush

Raveena & Gautam // Cinematic Teaser

Prateek & Manav // Wedding Short Film

Mr. & Mrs. Verma –

Raveena & Gautam // Cinematic Wedding Film

Sameer & Vidhi // Cinematic

Sameer & Vidhi | Surprise Wedding proposal